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So I'm not looking to start a debate/flame war about power cables, so if you feel the need to argue about the merits of a power cable START YOUR OWN POST.  Got it?  Good.  Lets get started.


I got one of those spammy emails from Amazon that we all usually just delete but today I had some time to kill while at the airport and came across the Acoustic Research FS812 Flat Series Power Cord:


So I was thinking I've probably spent more on Comply tips then this power cable, so I took the chance and ordered two.  At 12 feet long, I figure worse case scenario, I'll just use it to run power to the gear further away (read: stuff I don't use that often).  16 gauge it isn't the thickest but that's all up for debate anyhow.


So while I'm waiting for delivery of the cables, I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with the company or perhaps this specific cable?


Thanks guys!