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Denon D2000 recable, BTG-audio or Zynsonix?

Poll Results: BTG-Audio vs. Zynsonix

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I want to recable my D2K because my stock cable is damaged. I have narrowed down my choices for the service to BTG-audio and Zynsonix. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with one or both of these guys, and could give me some input or testimonials. Thanks! 

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BTG got my vote, have personal experience working with him
For full declosure: not familiar with the other:)
Hope that helps
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Thank you, I will take that into account! which cans do you have? and which cables did you have installed?

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 Do you just send in the D2k's and tell him what you'd like? I'm looking to get mine recabled as well and have done business with BTG and would like to give him business again.

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I emailed both Btg and Zynsonix asking what the options are and what the process is like. Its only been a day so BTG should respond any day now. Zynsonix replied within a few hours and I have been conversing with him about what I want, and what he can do. But yes I think all you do is tell them which cable, length, termination and upgrades then you ship your headphones.

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Sorry for the delay, I have a w4 recabled to WR4 and I picked up a q701 recabled by BTG from another member here
I can send pics later when I get on my computer
Really nice work and very busy too , was not taking new orders for a while. Does Zynsonix have a site? Will like to check out his work
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ohh nice! Im replacing my cables because its cheaper than the factory repair. Was the upgrade more for sound improvement or aesthetics? If you dont mind I would LOVE pictures. and the website is http://www.zynsonix.com/ he also has a blog. btg probably is very busy, im still waiting for a email, but if hes rally busy that's a good sign.


Man I wish someone on here has experience with both btg and zynsonix. Im leaning toward zynsonix because of the quality and service, but btg has such a stellar reputation and im not sure which product I should choose to compare with the zynsonix XEV cable.

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BTG Audio's work


All I can find , at the moment, can get pics of the other cans later, if you still need some but plenty of pics on the site



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wow those look really good! I have decided to go with zynsonix. Ill post a picture when I get them back!

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I had my Denon D2000 done by BTG, I went with the 8 strand 5 foot. I love it, so much easier to manage that the stock cable.


Brian does great work

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I had my T50RP modded phones done by BTG and he did a fantastic job.  It was modded to dual entry, and I had him do an 8 conductor cable hybrid SPC/Copper.  Also his turn around time is a lot better than a lot of the cable makers/modders right now.  I think I got my stuff sent to him and back in about 2 weeks.

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snarf and kimchee did you guys get the nylon sleeves or do you guys like the braided spc showing? i wish there was a way to meet up and compare lol.

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I love the bare wire look, anytime I make a cable it is left bare.  I think the sleeved look is classy, definately draws less attention if that's what you want.

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These were done by BTG. I got them off a member here. Cables were sent in and Brian did the rest. I really like his work
iPhone pic
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Sorry for the crappy pics..darn iphone4 camera..






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