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FREE SPIDER Mini Headphone Amp Giveaway!  

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Spider International, Inc is back and moving full force this year with unique, new products for you to use! 


We are doing a FREE FACEBOOK giveaway of 3 Mini Headphone Amps this week! The giveaway lasts from 4/8-4/12, and our winners will be announced at 5pm 4/12! In order to enter, you must like our Facebook page Spiderheadphone then comment on this thread, and 3 winners will be announced Friday!



Our Mini Headphone Amp was created with audiophiles in mind. We got tired of sacrificing our music quality when listening to music through our mobile devices and iPods. This product adds the details and bass boost we crave, while remaining extremely portable through its small size!


Product Overview

The Spider Mini Headphone Amp is a high quality headphone amplifier for those who are looking for higher quality sound from portable audio, The amplifier is so lightweight that you will hardly notice carrying it. It features a 3.5mm stereo input and output, bass boost, and an internal Li-ion battery that can be easily recharged with a USB cable. Come in black and white colors.



Audio Performance

  • Frequency response: 40 HZ+0.1dBB, 15kHZ-1.67dB
  • Noise Level: -110.5 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 110.4 dB
  • THD%: 0.0068%
  • Stereo crosstalk: -96.0 dB



  • Line Input: 1 of 3.5mm phone jack
  • Line Output: 2 of 3.5mm phone jack
  • Charge Input: 1 of mini USB jack


System Requirements

  • Using in any MP3-Player or any equipment with Line-out function





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OK, I just liked your page on Facebook smily_headphones1.gif

This amp looks tiny! Ideal for travel.
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I'm in. Good luck everyone! Mini USB means I can use same charger as clip+.
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I liked the Spider Headphone facebook already, this looks like a tiny amp and I am curious to test it out.


Thanks for making this exceptional event for audiophile fellows like us.

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Just liked the page, very excited for the possibility to test this thing out.

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Throwing my hat into the ring.

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Cool looking product!

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liked! pretty pumped about what you got in store.

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Is there any kind of volume control on the amp or does the source volume the control? Thanks and if I win one I look forward to attaching it to my Clip+ and trying it out.

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Glad to see you back and liked your Facebook page. That is one truly mini amplifier.

Does it work with the Nexus tablets?
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WOW! This looks like a truly awesome piece of kit. Would love one of these beauties. Facebook page liked; now to wait in hope ;)

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i liked your facebook page, my computer crashed. restarted it and liked it again!!!  really cool looking amp too!

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Liked the facebook, lovely looking amp.

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I like the portability to of the amp.  Put me in!

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Count me in !

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