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I. Cool Product Expo at Stanford University


When & Where:

Wedesday, April 10, 2013
12 - 6 PM
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University
Free and Open to the Public



II. New York Audio show 2013


You are cordially invited to the New York Audio show 2013. Please come to visit Woo Audio, MA Recordings and Black Cat Cables in room #912 and #914 to experience great music on state-of-art headphone systems. We will showcase our full line of headphone amplifiers along with our brand new WA7 Fireflies Headphone Amp/DAC, newly revised WDS-1 high-resolution DAC and WTP-1 CD Transport. Also, audition our new "work-in-progress" electrostatic headphone amplifier to entice your senses. 

You can't miss this largest audio show in NYC. Hope to see you there!

When & Where: 

The New York Palace Hotel

Opening times:
Friday 12th April
10am - 2pm (TRADE/PRESS ONLY )
2pm - 8pm (OPEN TO ALL)

Saturday 13th April

Sunday 14th April