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Need New IEM

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Hi, My previous earphone just broke, its a Gavio Gazz (didnt like it much...not sure why but something is lacking).  I use these phones for traveling/commuting to work, so they usually wont last too long...around half to 3/4 of a year.  I am looking something below 100 USD (cheaper the better), but would like decent sound quality.  I am not really a fan of buying online.  I prefer flat cable, but not necessary.  Mic is necessary as i use my phone as my player most of the time.


I would like some bass in my headphones, not too much though.  I listen to variety of music from , hip-hop, heavy-metal, various J-pop, and sometimes softer tone soundtracks.

So far what i am considering are:


the A-Jays One+ around 52 dollars

RedGiant A00 around 35 dollars (On special right now)

Philips St Germain around 40 Dollars


Also Philips seemed to have 


I am living in hong kong so those prices are just estimates.  If you have any other recommendations please tell me.



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Sounds to me like you just described the Sony MH1C...
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O, i will take a look at those when i have time.  Thanks :D

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