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In search for new sound!

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Calling on all head fiers, im in the process of upgrading my pico slim, and with all the options to choose from im lost and in need of some direction! Im a true beleaver that in ear matters and looking for a amp/dac combo to pair with. I'm proud to say im new to the hifi world. The pico slim has been good to me and sounds great but the time has come to open up my ears to new sounds. Some much needed guidenss is in need. please help this hungry for higher sound student make the grade.

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Please supply us with a budget or you will end up with recommendations like this:


I would go with the O2+ODAC combo and power a brand new pair of LCD-3 headphones.  The sound is pretty much out of this world if you know what to listen for and it is very hard to find any flaws in the sound reproduction.

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Budget? Preferred sound signature? What music do you listen to? What is the rest of your rig? Portable or desktop?
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budget 1000-1500, portable rig evo4g, pico slim, MDTrumpets, MTPCopper, I  listen to R&B, Rap, Christian Rock, Freddie finder,  Blues, throw in a little western into the mix. I enjoy fast free punching bass, sweet treble, searching for a sound that pleases.

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So you are looking at completely replacing your rig? Only assume that as a $1000-$1500 amp with $250 IEMs sounds ridiculous, and the Evo can't even get a line out signal, so it's pretty worthless in a $1500 rig. Or do you really just want a new amp?

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In process of upgrading amp and iem. Source will have to wait. My EVO LTE will have to do. I have iPod but loyal to my Androiddevice.

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Dac would be for my bedside laptop.

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Your best option is upgrade your IEM than your amp. Pico Slim is argued to be neutral and this can be a good thing as all you want your amp to do is amplify not colour the sound. 

1500 USD (assuming) is a lot and you should be more than fine with that budget. If you have 1500 USD why not get the miracles and keep the amp and decide on what source you want to buy with the rest? 

I love my ODAC and I cannot recommend it enough. 



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MTPC have been my entry level iem and desire to seek out other options. Amp Pico slim, fiio e11, have been my first venture into amp, also seeking upgrade. Sorry for all the holes in my post. Thank

You for your feedback. Still a student and itchy to learn. 

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Thanks a million, ill look into them. Pico is a great amp but size is a little challenging sizing to my smartphone. Wish it where a little bigger. 

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