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Is V-Moda M-100 right for me?

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First post.

Thanks all for this wonderful forum -- I learned a lot in the past few weeks just by browsing around.


Had been using crappy earphone/buds for years until 2 years ago I got a pair of Shure SRH750DJ at half price, then I learned how I have been mistreating my ears for ages. Dispute how I loved this can, the build was terrible -- despite treating them with care the 1st pair broke at the adjuster piece merely 3 months after purchase (seems to be a common problem according to Amazon reviews), and then my 2nd pair malfunctioned after 1 yr and 9 months.


Still under (2 yr) warranty, I got Sennheiser HD439 by paying $50 more. For some time I was wondering why some songs sounded "muddy". Thanks to Head-Fi I figured out that I needed an amp to drive this high impedance headphone. Borrowed a portable one from a friend and now my HD439 is light years better than before.


Long story short, I'm craving for more. Here are my criteria and notes:

  • Signature -- a bit more bass heavy, but not overpowering the Mids. I listen to mostly pop, R&B and soft rock.
  • Build -- due to the Shure experience I am looking for something more sturdy
    (I hope Shure fans will pardon me but my experience I was tainted by this single incident, as I generally take good care of my possessions)
  • Closed, over the ear -- my wife cannot stand sound leakages, as she sleeps before I do and she is very sensitive to noises.
  • Portable -- travel quite often for work
  • Source -- My music are played from laptop/smartphone, and I will likely get a portable amp/DAC (e.g. FiiO E17) as my laptop only has a built-in soundcard.
  • Price -- $300-400 for the headphone, ~$150 for the portable amp/DAC


Tried the following:

  • Beats Studio -- a little too much bass. I'm too lazy to handle the batteries for the noise cancellation.
  • Sennheiser Momemtum -- a bit too natural for my taste. Great can.
  • Sennheiser HD 598 -- same as above
  • Denon D600 -- loved this pair. At the upper limit of my budget range. Not too portable though.
  • Grados -- basically I ruled out this brand (sorry Grado fans ...) as they feel awkward on my ears. I guess I'm too used to full size over ear models.
  • AKG Q701 -- too natural for my taste


V-Moda M-100, on paper, appears to meet all my requirements, but I can't find a local store where I can try it out.

I do really like Denon D600, but the price difference may allow me to get a better amp/DAC.

Must admit that I find M-100's look a lot more stylish than the D600.


Many thanks for reading this and all suggestions are welcome!

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Welcome to head-fi
Sorry about your wallet



Here, Accessories4Less.com has Denon AH-D600 factory refurbs for $250



New on ebay



The Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac from J & R for $324.88 with coupon code: ROCKIN



Now you can get the pair you wanted.

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V-moda crossfade m-100 already answer your question heh heh great build, heavy bass, portable (don't need amp but it will be otherwise if you even want more bass), it also have build in microphone, cool design and it close and over the ear 


But if you have the big ear it will give you pressure on the ear so try it before take it.

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