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For Sale:
FS: Schiit LYR + Gold Lions, E88C, and 6H1N

Will Ship To: ConUS

I bought this amp when it had 100 hrs of use, I added another 20 - 30 hrs.  I have sold my LCD-2 two years ago and my HE500 last year and no longer use the amp.  The Gold Lions where bought very very lightly used as can be seen in the picture. I didn't like its sound signature, so  have put maybe an hour or two at most then put it back in its box where it has been sitting ever since.  The amp is in perfect working order and is still under warranty from Schiit Audio.  I accept payment via Paypal and will only ship to the Paypal confirmed address.  Thanks.



Original Price:

LYR + stock tubes $449

E88C $40

Gold Lions $90


Total: $579


Selling for $395 Shipped within ConUS.  


Due to the many risk involved shipping overseas, I prefer to keep it within ConUS.


I have feedback in Ebay and Audiogon, under my head-fi username.

Ebay Feedback
Head-fi Feedback

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