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Most Underrated Rolling Stones Album - "Undercover" - 1983

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There is a thread about this on another popular forum, but I don't think there is one on this forum.


I have an un-dying love for the Rolling Stones' 1983 album "Undercover."


In my opinion, it is their lost classic. It doesn't sound like any other Rolling Stones album, but that is what makes it great to me. It is full of darkness, murder, and blood; and it is also full of the '80s. There is much experimentation by the Stones with electronic drums and such.  For anyone who might be interested in this record, the Japanese SHM-SACD sounds incredible and is the only way to listen to it nowadays. It sounds absolutely fantastic!



Of course I am biased, because I was listening to this record everyday when it came out. I used to own an Alfa Romeo GTV6 in the early '80s, and this is one of the records I listened to while driving around in my Alfa and burning early 80's unsuspecting 5.0 Mustangs. Those Ford drivers never knew what hit them with a V6 Alfa in Dallas, Texas in '83, LOL!   I think this record has stood the test of time. It is a very unique record in the Stones' catalog.


It's like a time capsule. It has elements of the '80s like electronic drums, but the gee-tars of Keith and Ronnie still rock heavily over all of it.


Personally, I think it is the greatest "lost album" in the Stones catalog. No, it isn't the greatest Stones album, but it's my favorite "lost" one. Some people hate it, but I think it's completely underrated, and the SHM-SACD just flat rocks! biggrin.gif

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I agree. I think some of the Stones' '80's work was unjustly sneered at just because they were a bit out of fashion at the time compared to all the synthesizer shlock that was popular at the time. The '80's synth bands have largely been forgotten and for good reason. They were awful. The Stones' stuff holds up. Even "Dirty Work" (despite some Jagger clunkers) has some good tunes including Keef's minor classic "Sleep Tonight."


I haven't listened to "Undercover" in years. I'll have to got get another copy.


My favorite Stones album of recent years has been the old bootleg "Brussels Affair." The band at their peak. The Stones got it remixed and cleaned up and are now selling an mp3 download of it for only $5 bucks.

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Yeah, I have all of the new live releases except "Live at Leeds Roundhay Park 1982," which I'm going to get soon. My favorite one is "Brussels Affair" too. I also like "L.A. Friday" from 1975. I hope they might release something else from the Mick Taylor era.


Did you hear that Mick Taylor is going to be a special guest on all of the dates on the just announced American tour?


I've seen the Stones six times, but never with Mick Taylor.

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I have a few bootlegs that I've downloaded over the last couple of years. The only one I've had for a long time is called "Ft. Worth Express" that I actually got at the old record swap at the University of San Francisco many years ago. It's from a June 24th, 1972 gig. Really, really good.

I had not heard that about Mick Taylor. That's good news. I like most of the Stones' stuff but they were at their peak with Taylor in the band. I've never seen them with Taylor either (too young by a few years) but I saw Taylor solo a few times in the '80's. He's a brilliant player and musician but without the material and talent of the Stones' behind him he's just not that compelling of an act.


I'm glad he's joining up with them again (if only for a little while) but he and they should have given it another try a long time ago. Sorry to be harsh but Taylor is a fat, sloppy mess now and there's no way his playing has actually improved at this stage. I'm sure he'll do fine in concert but people sometimes let their best days and opportunities go to waste and that's the case with Taylor in my opinion.

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I think it is Steel Wheels.

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