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For Sale: Audio Technica W3000ANV

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For Sale:
Audio Technica W3000ANV

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm sure you already know how great these cans are (not to mention out of production and hard to find).  These were factory reconditioned, so it's not surprising that it's in excellent shape and sounds wonderful.  I never sent the registration card so you can have the one-year warranty for yourself (I bought it about two months ago).  I added maybe 5-10 hours (I bought them at the same time as HD800 and LCD2.2).  It comes with everything a brand new package would include.  I'm probably being foolish for selling them as they not only sound fantastic, but they're also a collector's item.  But sometimes upgraditis is hard to overcome.


I'll pay shipping to CONUS.  Please add 3% for PayPal (of Gift, if you prefer).

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These wouldn't happen to be from Beach Camera would they?


If so, quite lucky and curious about the warranty on factory reconditioned items (if it's still the one-year).

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If only I were so lucky.  Nope, it's from a Sound Pro listing.

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PM sent

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