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Thank you for all of your replys, I don't know were to start. I just recently bought surefire ep6 for the last concert I went to. I was so dissapointed in those I started this topic. I think the ep6 are the same as the ep3 but in a different color. They have a cap that plugs a tiny hole in the earplug that goes through the entire center of the earplug. Even with it uncapped, everything sounded muffled and I could not make out the vocals at the concert. Foams earplugs would probably sound worse. Do they make hi-fi earplugs that are over nnr 12dba? I don't think something rated that low will be sufficiant since most concerts I go to last at least 2 hours and I try to get close to the front. How can audiophiles enjoy a concert when you can't make out any details at all? I know protecting your ears are important but if you can't enjoy the music than whats the point of going to a concert. I would consider custom earplugs as long as they would allow me to hear the full range of sound and give me proper protection.
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You'll have to get custom moulded plugs. The NRR varies depending on what you ask for (usually 19 or 25 dBA). You can get a "flat" reduction across the frequency spectrum or close to it. Just ask. They often come with a small plug that you can close to get a few extra dB of noise reduction, which reduces high frequencies even further.

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How much would something like this cost? I would perfer to pay no more than $100 if possible.
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How much would something like this cost? I would perfer to pay no more than $100 if possible.

from a quick search, they start above $100, plus you have to get an ear mold, which is at usually at least another $50

cheapest i could find was from 1964 ears, but alot of other companies do it- westone, sensaphonics...etc

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I have the Hearos and they are pretty good, perfect for most of my needs.  Fairly flat EQ.  My ears feel good after 20 minutes of drum practice.


One DIY option I used to do:  Take any good IEM silicone tip.  I found the Ety double and triple flange best.  Take a cheap ball point pen apart.  Cut off the end with the little plug attached so it's about 1 inch.  Stick the open end in the back of the tip.  !Ta Da! Probably 25 dB protection.  Want about 15 dB reduction?  Cut off a 1" segment with no plug and stick it in.  Want 10 - cut off a 1/2" open segment.

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+3 for Etyplugs.  Great seal and comfort.  I've used them both on stage and as an audience member.  

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Originally Posted by coolpepper43 View Post

How much would something like this cost? I would perfer to pay no more than $100 if possible.


You'll be paying approximately double that. They will last you indefinitely. Get the 25NRR pair.

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regarding the universal ear plugs

which is better- the surefire ep5 or the etymotics?

from the sounds of it the surefires muffle the sound but provide better isolation

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Thanks for all of your input. I do not think I will get custom molded earplugs because I have had bad experiences with them in the past and they are too expensive for me right now. I think my best options might be Alpines MusicSafe Classic or their Alpine partyplugs, HearDefenders-DF, Happy Ears, or  Vater Percussion Professional Musicians Ear Plugs. I need more than nnr 12dba with the best full range of sound. Has anyone tried any of these earplugs? Thanks.

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Those Alpines music safe ones sound poor from my experience. The ety's are a lot clearer sounding. They don't attenuate quite as much but I find them perfectly adequate. I have a good sense of how well varying earplugs work because I have tinnitus and my ears only ring slightly more after a very loud and long show with the ety's. In fact, the alpines had me craving volume. They were too quiet for enjoyment. 

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I'm very happy with my Alpine MusicSafe Classic earplugs! Have had them for four years now and been to quite a few concerts, but they're still in great shape. I thoroughly wash them after every use. They don't attenuate too much for me, and I always use the gold attenuators, not the silver ones which will be louder. Conversation is still easily possible, unlike with those cheap yellow foam plug things.


Not sure if these can be considered "hi-fi", but the live music sounds awesome (depending on the artist and sound guy ;)), and I got mine for about €20 I think. Highly recommended!

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So what did you choose finally? And are you happy with your choice? I'm looking for earplugs for my son to go to the Blue Man Group. He's only 13 and he is deaf on the left side so protecting his hearing of his right ear is very important. Would like to know your experience in finding the earplugs that work. Thank you.

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Going to see Motley Crue this Saturday.  I have access to some generic foam plugs in town, or whatever Amazon can get me quick.  I've been told they are measuring in around 130dB sustained with periods of louder (peaking at around 138-140).


YES, I'm doing this on purpose.


That said, suggestions for plugs?  I'm thinking of going with Hearos Xtreme foam plugs that cut at 33...but I don't want to be sorry about cutting too much and not enjoying the concert either.  I know that these plugs are not level across the spectrum of sound either.

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