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Originally Posted by ekxon View Post

TMA-1 also uses dark polyurethane and looks pretty good in real life, so perhaps the grey isn't as toy-ish as it looks in the picture.

But I wonder how comfortable it will be for people with glasses...


Yup yup... they just look uncomfortable (and yes, I wear glasses! ;-))

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Hey guys, Just wanted to drop a line and introduce myself to the group.


My name is David Burke, I am the VP of Engineering @ Grain Audio.


I wanted to answer some questions that you guys have put on this forum.


First off, thank you for your interest in Grain Audio, we cannot thank you enough for the support.


If I miss anyone's question in this thread please feel free to ask me anything!


@ ekxon. As a startup, we are putting more money into the products than most companies in this market space are willing too. We feel that the performance and the Design will carry the OEHP to the top of the market in the $199 space. We could easily charge more, but we feel our customers deserve to have great gear at a great price.


@AHorseNamedJeff. All the specs are currently posted on the Kickstarter comment section. We are still working thru to finalize them, so they may change a little bit by the time we are done.

IEHP has the 8mm drivers

OEHP has the 40mm drivers


@Fabio-Fi. Thanks for the compliments. Please see the Kickstarter comment page for specs. Or email us directly and we will send them to you.


@Zeinharis. there are some similarities to these products! Great Catch!


@ Gelocks. We strive to make this OEHP the best sounding,looking and comfortable product on the market, these will form fit to your head give you a great experience when we are done designing them.


@uncola. I will let our designer know you dont like the grey color. LOL But, i assure you when you see these two materials in person, you will love what he has done.


Anyone else that has questions please let me know. The picture you are seeing on Kickstarter is a computer rendering of the OEHP. I am with the manufacturer this week approving the final design.


Thanks for all the support!



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Originally Posted by gelocks View Post

One of my nitpicks is always comfort... these do not look comfortable...

I agree, those pads look like a nightmare, but that is just a render is it not? woah never mind; those are just some hideous pads. the rest looks nice however. hopefully tyll can get his hands on a pair or some of the head-fi community to give us a review.

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Hey cool t-shirts, might pledge just for that


$75 for a nice looking wood in ear headphone and a shirt?, not bad IMO


Hey, that girl on the website looks like Gwen Stefani

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Thanks for looking thru our Website Kiont!


We have been overwhelmed by the support on Kick Starter


She was awesome to work with too. Rock n Roll at its finest!

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Originally Posted by AHorseNamedJeff View Post

cans > 2 8mm drivers

IEMs > 2 40mm drivers


somethings not right here...

Ack. My bad. I made that post after a 21h working day. =S


Edited the post to reflect the error.

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I always love kickstarters, the creator's vision and not a damn thing else. I'll back these in a week or so, once that my wallet catches its breath. i wonder if Tyll has heard anything about these, I demand his opinion on the project.

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I'm definitely interested. I wish I had more money to drop right now, all that gear looks luscious, will there be a frequency response graph up on the over ears any time soon dburke? The others have too many variables to need graphs.



Also I can't stop looking at those speakers. Ugh.

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I might bite if there's a picture of the final design for the over-ears... David, are you planning on posting an updated picture with what you finally approve?
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Can you comment on the overall sound of the headphones right now? Bassy, neutral, trebbley, v shaped, midcentric?

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They do look a lot like the AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio. I also like the idea that this is a themed complete audio set, and that all the pieces match very well. It's nice for someone who just landed on earth and doesn't own anything but wants multiple ways of listening to music.


The PU pads remind me of the Grado bowls / L-cush, which is a good thing really; I always like to see round shapes and symmetry in headphone designs. But they might not give much isolation to this closed-back headphone.

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Thread Starter 

Recent Update:




Too bad the pictures were not larger.

Love the dark wooden cups.

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I might stop by and check these out. I'll only have my Galaxy Note 2 and JH13s on-hand though.


I haven't heard the TMA-1s and only have a distant memory of the HD25-1 II, so my opinion is probably not going to be useful for many of you.

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Well, I bit...

I'm pretty sure I WILL find them uncomfortable though LOL! It will probably fit weird since I use glasses, that will probably mess up with the seal and bass appreciation. We'll see.

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