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The Very Best Headphones at $100???

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I'm in the category of listeners who are 'treble sensitive.' I love my details, hanker for them really, but simply can't listen for extended periods to any 'phones with a treble boost.

I'm wondering what headphones offer the best compromise, ie offer clarity and detail while allowing for extended listening.


Some possible candidates seem to be:


1. shure 440


2. CAL's


3. audio technica M50's



I prefer an open design, but am definitely willing to consider closed 'phones, esp. if they can minimize some of the design issues of a closed 'phone (resonance, slow sound decay). 


I have several pairs of headphones which I like a lot already, so I'm not in a huge rush.

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If you allow on-ear in the game, I like UE4000. Exactly like what you wanted! If not HD439 offers rolled off highs and recessed upper mids which should do good to you

Hope this help!
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Perhaps I should rephrase the question, since I am looking for the best headphones period in this price point, regardless of design type.

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Ever so slightly over our budget £84 but that's expensive and will be cheaper in America anyways...

But my KRKs 6400 are nice and clear, comfy and great and detailed, they are however slightly bass slightly light on the bass but don't have a sharp high the highs are nice on these even if on some songs at higher volumes they can be ocaisinly but not of tern slightly simerblent.
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Thank you for the responses fo far. The KRK's are indeed just under $100 here in the states so they are definitely a suitable candidate.


To say a word or two more about the sound signature I want, I am looking for


1. prominent bass which is tight and controlled


2. very good clarity without undue harshness, suitable for extended listening


3. neutral mids


So yeah, perfect headphones at $100. :)


I am certainly willing to consider the possibility of EQing the headphones to near perfection as well, if that's possible.

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