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T1 vs T5p

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Have had the T5p for some time and always loved the sound and clarity.  Ordered the T1 to go with my new WA7 (if it ever gets here) and so in the meantime I been comparing the T1 and T5p on the same amp, a HeadRoom Ultra Desktop Amp, a very clean and strong solid state amp.  T1 using the medium gain setting and the T5p using low gain.  


The T1 only has 25 hours white noise burn in on it but WOW, it just kicks the a** out of even the T5p which until now I thought was perfect.  I still love the T5p sound and each has it's own space to live happily in but the T1 really shines bright in a more stationary setup with a more powerful amp.  I really can't wait now to finish the burn-in and then hear the two on the WA7 L3000.gif

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Although their prices are about equal, the T 5 P can't touch the T1.  They're not even in the same ballpark.

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Now with 40 hours burn-in and another 25 hours of critical listening the T1 are really opening up.  I am hearing so much in the music that I never have heard before even with the T5p which also opened my ears to things never heard before.  It just keeps getting better.  The T5p is still the winner for portable, efficient awesome sound even without an amp but the T1 really brings the music to life if well amplified in a more desktop at home type setting.  


I guess my point being the two both are good headphones covering the entire spectrum of lightweight and low power portability through heavier but higher power precision.

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Tell me bass sounded distorted on my t5p.when u crank my amp volume up is sounded ridiculously bad . might be a defective unit...does yours sound similar. I use a theorem amp
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I know there's a lot of preferences in audio but I have to say those are 3 products I really detest.
Anyway, T1 is definitely better than the t5p in every respect.
The T5p was a little above mediocre. If anything I found the momentums better in sound.
Definitely did not enjoy the wa7 either when I tried it at a show. Glad I didn't buy it
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Was your observation similar regarding bass response on my t5p......
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Originally Posted by Kukua View Post

Was your observation similar regarding bass response on my t5p......

First thing is that none of the beyers ever sounded natural to my ears. At any point of the spectrum. They sounded fake and electronic even from a tube amp, but not in a surgical super ultra clear way like akg and sennheiser. It was just this odd mix of a bad thickness with harsh-ish highs.
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Sorry to revive such a dead thread, but I recently replaced the ear pads on my T5ps with the T70p ear pads and then stuffed them up with paper towel to see how they sounded. The answer? PURE NEUTRALITY. The amount of sound quality increase I heard is VERY real. I can't comment on the T1 as I haven't heard them, but these T5ps are much better and not sharp in the slightest now, and that's all that matters.

P.S. I have never heard symbols sound better after this mod.
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Personally I prefer the sound signature of the fostex . must say it's a personal preference. I own ultrasone signature pro, th600, th900. Beyerdynamic t1 and the sennheiser hd800.
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If I had enough money, I would jump on the TH600 right away after hearing them in Japan *drool* You are a lucky man! I also heard the TH900, but it was a tad less punchy in the same song on my source, so the 600s had more of a wow-factor. What did you pay for them? I envy your collection...
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Quite a bit actually. .sum total approximately $6000.
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My collection is around that, but more quantity than quality...

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Really. ..you must be a true audiophile. .....what amp do you employ to drive them
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I'm using a Bellari HA540 tube amp with a Tungsol 12AX7 ECC83 tube! It sounds really sweet and clean. Great 3D soundstage and air. What about you?
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