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Headband pad for HE-500

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The HE-500 sit low on my head even at the lowest setting. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting a headband pad on these headphones?

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It looks too big for any headband pad that I'm aware of.  You would probably have to make your own or glue some padding onto it.  Perhaps several pieces of adhesive-lined padding meant for another headphone could work (although that would probably be unnecessarily pricey for what you want to do).  I would try two pieces of memory foam, as thick as you need, and double-sided adhesive: add them so that they have a space between them, sort of like HD650's headband padding.

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This http://www.ebay.com/itm/Headband-Cushion-Pad-fit-New-Version-of-HiFiMAN-HE300-HE400-HE500-Ear-Headphones-/190825064042?pt=US_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item2c6e0f666a


Made my HE-500 10x more comfortable and will add some thickness to the headband. Unfortunately only the buttons on the far ends of the cushion line up since the HE-500 stock headband is too wide in the middle for the cushion to go fully around. Despite that, it still gives the phones a pretty retro look imo and is totally worth the $

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If you're looking at something a bit more custom and have the capability of sewing real leather, I have some pictures in my gallery where I've applied a nice, leather "skin" over the existing headband with sufficient padding that ended up raising the headphones at least 1/2" to alleviate the upper edges of the headphone pads from resting on the tops of my ears.  Like you, I have basically the same issue with the HifiMan headphones.   Lots of room for those with larger heads to adjust the headband for comfort, yet those of us who are challenged by living with smaller brains, suffer from a lack of adjustments.  basshead.gif

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What i did was take a bandana, folded it, and wrapped it around.  tied it in place with some string.  comfortable and moves them up on the head while i look for something a bit more permanent.  

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