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For Sale:
Cavalli Liquid Fire (Serial #002) --SOLD--

Will Ship To: CONUS

I bought this from a well-respected member (En_R) just a few weeks ago and probably added another 30 hours.  It's in excellent condition.  I don't have the original box, but Mike packed it well with the original foam inserts, so it'll arrive safely.


I always used speaker-based systems until I tried a Woo WA5 LE a few years ago, but went back to speakers a couple of months later and never returned to headphones until I got the LF.  The Woo is a wonderful amp, but it just didn't keep me interested.  After only a few weeks of using the LF, not only do I not want to go back speakers, I'm investing further into headphone systems (I just got a Cavalli Liquid Glass).  That's how much the LF has made me want even more of what it offers.  I'd love to keep the LF, but need an amp with multiple source inputs.  It only has one, so if you need two or more, then this amp may not be for you (though others have successfully used third-party source selectors for under $50).


Please check out all the great reviews of the LF, but you probably already know and just have been waiting for a reasonably-priced one to come up for sale.  Well, here's your chance.  You're not going to see another one at this price for awhile.


Mike gave me a great price so I'm passing that on to you.


Add shipping and PayPal.

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