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Postage sharing for mouser anyone in UK (Building a cmoy)?

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I live in Sussex in the UK and I am building myself a cmoyBB 2.03R.   I have ordered the board from JDS Labs.    Now I want to get all the bits including a few different OP Amps.


Mouser, DigiKey, Farnell and RS all charge a minimum of £12 for delivery of parts.   All I need will cost £20.   So does anyone else want to share the cost of shipping.  If we get to £50 order it will be free shipping from mouser.   


Anyone want to build a cmoy ?  Am I being tight?   Looks like Ill have to order bits from both Mouser and DigiKey so that’s £24 postage before I even get any parts.   I really didn't want to build the world's most expensive cmoy :)


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Have you tried looking on ebay? A selection pack of 1% resistors is worth having...




Plenty of opamps, caps to be found...




...not as quick as Farnell, but usually only a few days, even from Thailand. Never had any problems with them myself.



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That’s a brilliant Idea.  Just been looking and see lots of stuff I could use for this project.   I normally avoid eBay for most stuff but these sort of things will probably be OK.


Thanks W


Have you ever got op amps from ebay ?   Any one you can recommend ?

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I bought many opamps in bulk from Tayda2009 (linked above), NE5532. Component snobs don't like the NE5532, but it's a very good opamp and only 20 cents US if you buy 50 like I do. They're also good for value electrolytics for power supplies, potentiometers, transistors*many. Free shipping.


This US seller:- http://stores.ebay.co.uk/OpAmps-and-MOSFETs is reliable, prices are often competitive with Farnell, Newark etc., I like LM4562 (good value, high performance audio), LME497xx series, e.g. 49720 (high performance audio), LME49990. I also bought LME49600 buffers from him, you don't need these yet...


I use Farnell and RS too, but they may charge shipping on smaller orders, although they don't seem to be charging me any more, but they have a minimum credit card order.



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Thanks for the advice.   I relay appreciate it.   


I think based on that I might as well build a few cmoy's   one based on the JDS labs board and a couple on veraboard.   I was thinking of doing some experimenting with poly-morph as a casing.    With a bit to enable recharge I could encase the whole thing and make it smaller and almost indestructible :).


OK going to get ordering now.   Thanks again for the help.

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