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Most Flat and Analytical Universal and Custom IEMS

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Budget is not a problem but I prefer not to go the top level. Something like 1000 euro can make me think again while there are rivals around 400 500 euros. Give me the best flat iems like UE Reference Monitors. What are the other options?


1 little thing, I prefer U-IEMs with over the ear design, for example like Heir Audio 4.Ai not Ety ER-4 series. This matters a lot to me since I always have a problem with comfort and keeping the monitor in my ear.

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similar to er4 but over the ear => Fitear F111 and Rhapsodio R1L

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Thanks dude, but I still prefer to get as many different options as possible. Then I will read about them for a loooooong while. Also if possible I will try to demo too. Then decide which one to go for. UERM seems Mr Perfect but gosh my wallet doesn't let me go that far or I will wait a while before purchasing something and put some money aside.

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New cosmic ears B4 seems to be up your street an wont hit your wallet as much. Just from another members impressions though. Personally I would recommend the Lear LcM5

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Waw, I have to say first time I hear this brand Lear. I have got to search a lot about them. Can we find them in EU?

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They do ship to the EU from their base in HK. I am in the UK. They also have a monitor adapter that makes them so ruler flat, from the pretty darn flat they already are!

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I kinda liked it but from Hong Kon in here with custom taxes and sending impressions to the other side of the world is not for me. What would you suggest for me as flattest iem/ciem in that I can buy in EU? Unique Melody has UK part, what is their flattest ciem? I heard that Miracle is kinda colored. Sweet but not flat.

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Well you can look at all the IEMs i have tried and i recommend the LCM-5 top. As for EU i am not too sure, Cosmic Ears is in sweeden. Also Spiral Ears and i also have Musical Fidelitys CIEMs en route!


My last top mention is universal and that is the HiFiMAN RE-272 and if you can still pick one up, dont think twice and just get one!

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I also follow Cosmic Ears as you mentioned, especially their BA4. I hear very nice things about it. The other I will check and read. Thank you for all the replies. As soon as Fiio releases X3 in EU, I am getting it, then I will put money aside for a ciem. I already started searching for it. For the moment Cosmic Ears has the best price/benefit ratio I have to say. I am not into that fancy options and all. A basic clear shell could be okay for me. What matters is sound in my case.

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Have you seen the fancy options Cosmic can offer though ;)

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Yeah I noticed he is getting into options world too, I am not so interested though. But I read that the owner Phil is on the right track. He has my attention and curiosity. Before buying, I will wait to see his full range of items. Maybe he will come up with UERM like ciem that I can afford (means not like 1000 euro).


What can you say about Heir Audio 4.Ai. I know it is universal but it has a shape like custom, it seems like there wouldn't be any issues about comfort and fit.

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