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Just for opinion's sake and through my level of equipment, I'd say my vinyl rig doesn't sound better than their digital counterpart. But they do sound different and I have the tendency to lean towards my vinyl rig. I get it now when people say vinyl has that 'smoother' feel and such.

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Yeah I'm with ya on that. I think allot of it depends on your cart. as well. If I have a denon dl-110 that I put on my technics but it doesn't work with tcv's or back cueing so it's just somthin I bust out for fun every once in a while. Vinyl is a lil more preferable with the dl-110 cart.

It depends on the cart - yes, but the cart doesn't contribute as much if your whole system is not set up properly. The DL-110 is a hi fi cartridge, not a DJ one so you don't back cue with it.

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I can give you "first hand" knowledge on this as I did some pretty significant reviews of the Audio Technica ATLP120USB. Just look them up on audiokarma.org (sorry, not plugging another site, it just is where it is).


To summarize for you. It is a great table but there are some issues.


1) There are quality control issues so make sure you get a good one from amazon. Any issue at all, exchange it . When they work, they work well.


2) The onboard phono stage SUCKS. People are recommended to use the RCA's out to a separate phono stage like the ART DJ PRE II (also at Amazon). Then it sounds NICE


3) I too have a turntable setup video with over 50,000 views



Last but not least - USB out sucks.


Your PC or laptop has an input jack. Use it. The conversion on the USB tables and then to the PC is not that great (on any USB table) .


Best bet - RCA out of the table to  a small phono stage (The ART is a good one) then out to 3.5mm mini jack in. Let the SOFTWARE do the work. I happen to use one from DAK when I had a DAK unit but you don't need it, just the same type software.


Here is one to look at



There are a few others which I can get you later after work.


The point being you are not limited to USB turntables. You can get a vintage table or the new U-Turn Audio Orbit (not a bad table at all)


Let me know if this helps

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Forgot to add


Here is a Vinyl RIP using the exact method I told you (turntable to Art DJ Pre II to 3.5 in to software). It was recorded in native .wav lossless. From there you can convert it to whatever you want.


Takes a minute to load but think you will be impressed - Called needle drop long



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For any with more than just a few LP's to digitize, consider the Tascam 901 CD Recorder. You can separate tracks with it easier than using editing software on computer, Then, insert CD into computer to rip to music library, adding meta data as desired..

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