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Day One Ak100 owner with problems, please help

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I have been a longtime lurker on your forums and this is my first post ever. I received an iRiver AK100 today that I am using with hi res flac files that had been converted to AIFF for use with Amarra. Paired with my Westone 4's I am truly in awe of the sound and would be willing to use that to justify enduring the glitches I am about to describe but want other's opinion. No need to post if you've never owned the AK100.


Immediately upon opening the package and powering the device on, the screen was covered with jagged lines and made it entirely unreadable. The device was still operational at this time as I somehow managed to get stuck in korean when the pixelization cleared up. I quickly set it to English only to find that shortly after, all text and images were inverted like the reflections on a mirror.


Much of this was resolved with a firmware update, and the unresponsive lock button that makes it difficult to power back on the screen is nothing I'm concerned with for the sound I'm getting. The thing that has me worried is the intermitted audio stuttering on 96/24 files. Are these signs of a factory defect that could result in a dead unit, or are the widespread things that may be worked on a future firmware update?


The product was purchased on Amazon from a reputable seller and is like 2 days from the date of purchase, so even if they only had a 14 day return policy I could get a replacement no problem.


Just thought I'd ask because I love everything about this thing and would only worry about a return if I could be assured my issues were uncommon and should be improved with a replacement.

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You shouldn't be experiencing these problems. I would return the unit and buy a new one.

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I didn't think so, thank you.

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iRiver US support is pretty good once you manage to get their attention.  Email "support.inc@iriver.com" or if you're local (they're in Irvine, CA) give them a call at (949) 336-4540.  I'm sure they will want to hear about this.

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you probably get a lemon unit, mine works just fine, just need to be hard reset like every 2 days or so ? try contacting your nearest service center or just return it to amazon

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