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If I have done this correctly you should be able to see two images I took today. I am not on my computer and I am not sure how to upload from here. Here is a ship in The Arctic Circle which is pretty amazing in itself!

Anyway, We got off the ship today and visited a cathedral in a remote part of Norway. Bodo.

The cathedral was built in 1956. Same year as me.smile_phones.gif

It has a lovely modern Scandinavian interior and this wonderful organ.

While we were there someone was practicing.

We talk on here of sound quality. It doesn't get much better than a superb pipe organ played in a really good acoustic.

Shame that I couldn't upload a sound clip.




photo 25BA178C-C332-42E8-8592-4D86FE61D62E-1697-0000014F8B76EFFD_zps88229ef6.jpgphoto A28D2858-18E7-4F62-B355-89D447396CCE-1697-0000014F3D8B0A31_zpsfbce626c.jpg

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