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Howdy all -


Thought I'd introduce myself and post a few pics I just snapped in

my newly constructed lightbox.  Attached you'll find a couple photogs

of random cables, as well as my two most recent projects and current

listening setups.


I am lucky enough to live and work in beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Mountain biking, backcountry skiing, fishing... its a tough life.  Good food

Good wine - and good music!



I love music!  Almost all genres on the regular.  Heavy on the Reggae. 

I prefer to listen to FLAC files but Pandora and podcasts daily also.


My current setup consists of:


Media Monkey -> Schiit Modi -> Nad C320BEE -> Axiom M3Ti bookshelves


For HeadFi:


Sansa (RockBox) -> Headroom The Little Version -> Grado SR225


Prone to obsessions... hi-fi has my attention again and I'm having

fun dusting off old gear and looking for some new.


In the search for some short interconnects, I discovered the DIY
cable building options out there and decided to dive in head first.


Project #1 - Cold Cloud Cu

My photography studio is called Cold Cloud Imaging so what better

way to synergize than to crank out some Cold Cloud Cables!  Here's

my first attempt at an interconnect... DHC OCC Copper with Viablue

RCA's... turned out well!  Unfortunately I got the label on one of them

backwards doh! Well at least they're solderless!  Does anyone have any

tips on grounding these plugs?  The set screw for the signal wire works

very well, creating a secure connection.  But the slits on the plug body

for the ground wire are ...   Help?


Project #2 - Grados reborn!

Had a pair of Sr-60's kicking around that have suffered YEARS of neglect...

decided a recable would breathe some life back into them.  Also, this is

practice for upcoming project #3... recable my sr225s.  First solder for me!

I'm just stoked it worked!


 I like to explore the world of audio and ... get my head right! 


Cheers everyone,



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You could always post links to the images if you host them on photobucket/flickr or something.


Anyhow it seems you're well acquainted with grado(I recently tried the SR325i and found them to be quite nice, but uncomfortable). Let me be the first to say welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet!

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Hiya tangster - fortunately I haven't listened to anything BUT the grados I have so I'm

used to them being uncomfortable lol!


Some more info on Project #2 the SR-60 recable... I used a four wire braid of

Homegrown Audios 26 AWG copper and a switchcraft mini plug.  Found some

simple easy to follow instructions on the braid here...

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