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Lenco turntable problem

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This is quite a difficult problem to explain properly but it's driving me crazy!

I recently purchased a lenco direct drive turntable and yesterday I set it up with a preamp into my stereo.

Everything seemed fine until I started noticing something very very weird. About 2/3 times per side of an LP there will be a very quick tempo glitch. It's like not even half a second but enough to be very noticeable.

Its a brand new turntable and I've tried new and old records to see if I can work it out but it seems totally random.

Im a bit new to all this so if anyone can think of something to sort this id be beyond grateful!
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I remember in the 70s a "golden ear" in a UK Hi-Fi mag saying that DD turntables because they are always trying to keep the right speed  due to the electronics.-They are never at the "right" speed .

                       Take that as it may. But there could be a problem in the electronics at a certain time on.

                         If no electronics or that is eliminated then you are left with a mechanical problem.

                           Is the platter freely spinning[no catches] is your arm free flowing over the LP.

                              There are many possibilities . Angle of cartridge to  the LP  etc.  

                                Maybe somebody with the same make of TT can help.

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You might want to try asking on this forum - http://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php
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