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amplifier for T1 beyer dynamic

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i am interested in T1..
i am going to buy it soon..
however, i do not know what amplifier goes best with t1..
is it the beyer dynamic A1 amplifier or the graham slee ultra linear amplifier?
there are only 2 amplifiers to choose from..

take note that the graham slee ultra linear is NOT the diamond edition..
any opinions is much appreciated..
please help me choose..
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The A1 is specifically made for the T1, but may not be the best choice if you plan to have multiple headphones and one amp like me. The output impedance of the A1 is very high for most headphones out there. However most people give high praise for the T1-A1 combo, so it pretty much comes down to the former point.

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I've seen many feedback that Tube amps are the way to go with the T1s.

I was running the T1 off my xonar stx for awhile, it drove them fine but was too harsh? For my liking. I Couldn't tolerate the higher pitch violins/vocals/guitar at louder volumes so the knob is generally around 20-30% depending on the music.
With the WA2 I can tolerate up to 50%, is less harsh, more refined and has this 'filling' in it.

I don't know, I'm new too but took me weeks to decide between 10 different amps .
I've considered the A1 at the start too but decided to try the tube amps at the very least with the positive feedbacks out there.

Take your time and read as much as you can, there are heaps of review out there smily_headphones1.gif
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Tubes is the most common recommendation for T1's (Woo audio or the Decware CSP-2) are good pairings if you decide going that route, but a Solid state amp with a warm sound signature and enough driving power (Burson Soloist) which puts 4wpc will be a perfect pairing. Indeed some guys are using that combination. 

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