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Hi guys,


While waiting for DN-22M detonator review, you can check our latest IEM DN-23 Landmine.







Delicate, Unique & Utmost


DUNU DN-23 Landmine is releasing!!











DUNU, a leader in manufacturing and design of high-performance headphones, continues to Deliver Dynamic Listening Experience for audiophiles.


Booming bass and excellent balance.


You would be amazed by the fluent booming bass from DUNU DN-23 Landmine. It’s the latest DUNU In-Ear Earphone labored to ensure your very pleasure. Now, you can enjoy the powerful, elastic bass alongside excellent balance. Landmine has refined streamline titanium body and solid, durable metal build.


 DUNU unique tuning technology ensures the great balance in different frequency. Also you can hear the crisp and crystal sound for the best recognition. Exceptional booming bass will rock your world. You can feel the music Instruments flows smoothly and correctly. DN-23 MSRP  is $80.



Get rid of annoying surrounding noise

 DUNU know your desire to be not disturbed. For your pleasure, all DUNU carefully designed earphones can block ambient noise by 26 dB. Thus, you don’t have to endure that any more.







                            DN-23 Landmine

Specification >>




HQ Dynamic 10mm

Frequency Response


Noise Attenuation




Plug Size

Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo plug





Cord Length

1.2 m



Product Features


  • Full Metal solid build for avoiding excessive vibration to produce accurate bass.
  • Excellent recognition and lively sound presentation.
  • Highly efficient dynamic speaker system for potent, deep, and stereo bass.
  • Suitable for MP3, CD, DVD, MD players.
  • Excellent balance in frequencies with natural sound reproduction and smooth response.
  • High noise isolation can block ambient noise by 26db, suitable for outdoor use.







Review from Noble-press






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