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For Sale: Ultrasone HFI 580

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For Sale:
Ultrasone HFI 580

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have some 'as new' Ultrasone HFI 580's for sale. The only reason i am selling them is because i have bought a new pair of headphones and i don't like hanging on to my older ones, there's no point hanging on to my older headphones if my tastes have changed and i've superseded them with a new pair. That's the only reason i'm selling them, and i bought them new not long ago.

There are no scratches on them and they are in mint condition ( I look after my headphones).

I want $70 plus whatever it will cost to ship. I live in Australia, if you are far away from my country, then i'll consider reducing the price to $60 plus shipping IF the shipping is a bit more than expected.
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still for sale?

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Hey man. I can't PM you again, so call me at (919)-444-4509 or email at guyksmi@gmail.com. I'll walk you through making a paypal and explain my reasoning smile.gif

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