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What Volume Do You Listen At?

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For those of us who own SPL meters, what is your typical listening volume?


Mine is around 50 dBA or so, and sometimes a bit less.


For those of us WITHOUT SPL meters, how about an iphone as a reference. I usually turn it up to only 3 or 4.


Just curious.

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Aww no androids as reference?
And huh iphone level 3-4? Isnt iphone supposed to be like percentage based?
Anyways, silly meredface.gif

Also, how do you measure? Do you just stick the spl meater in the earcup? or do you also press and seal the gap with your palm? It can change the result significantly.
From reading comparison charts i would assume my listening level is about 60-75 db (and using a phone spl meter app)

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My volume is just some 14/16 on the iPhone 4, that is plenty loud for me biggrin.gif with the HE-500.


What do you measure with?

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I rigged up something crudely along these lines:




As far as android, grab a meter and report back. :)

I use a sound pressure level (SPL) meter. You can get an accurate one at radio shack for around $50.

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Mine is at 0.5-1 of 16 on my iPhone. It's loud to me. For some albums, I would have to turn it down to around 0.3/16? But that's because I am using IEM. XD


Billson :)

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No reason to post which volume you are listening at on your 'phones unless you also mention which 'phone we are talking about wink.gif


I can tell you this much: As far as I know, the way you know the voltage of your internal amplifier in your iDevices is by squaring the volume fraction on your iDevice (eg. (4/16)^2) and then multiplying it by the maximum voltage that the internal amp can deliver. Then you can calculate the sound pressure level based on the 'phones specs

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