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HiFi in Seattle Area

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Okay, I looked through the forums for a similar post, and the only ones I could find are from about 6 years ago, so I wanted to check in and see if anyone here knows a good place that is not currently out-of-business to test out Grado headphones (or anything, really) in the Seattle-Tacoma area?  Thanks for your help!

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You can try definitive audio or magnolia hifi. They both sell Grado and might have some units to listen to.
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Thanks man, I have been getting the bug to upgrade from my SR80is and I would love to check something out before buying.  I appreciate the advice!  I haven't run across a ton of Washington folks on here yet!

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I believe that Speakerlab in Seattle sells Grado.

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Magnolia HiFi and Speakerlab come highly recommended.  I will definitely be checking those out.

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It was a long time ago but I bought my sr225 at Speakerlab, with luck they still sell em. I know they are still in business.

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Ha that is definitely good to hear.  That is the problem I have run into with old posts, the bad economy has driven a lot out of business!

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There is also a headfi meet in seattle at the beginning of next month if you want to hear a variety of cans.
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Yeah I am definitely going to try to make it out to that.  I will be one of the guys who shows up with very little gear to offer, so I feel kind of bad, but hey, that's why they have these things!

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Definitive Audio has a branch in Tacoma known as Advanced Audio, I stopped by there today, and they rock!  Tons of great HiFi stuff (and a small selection of headphones), but the staff are phenomenal, and very helpful.

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Speakerlab and Definitive Audio both have a few good headphones.  And there may be one or two others but I've not found anybody with any decent selection.  From everything I've read, 32 Ohm Audio in Portland and the Headphone Bar in Vancouver have the largest offering in the PNW.

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