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For Trade:
FT: Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro and V-moda M80 (SOLD)

Will Ship To: CONUS



DT880: They come with only with a large Beyerdynamic case and 1/8 to 1/4in. adaptor. The condition is what you would expect with an older set like this. The "DT880 Pro" label is almost completely rubbed off on the left cup; the labeling on the right cup remains intact. There's a slight abrasion on the right cup. The baffles have wear and tear. 


M80: They come with all of the accessories one would find with a new set. The M80's also look nearly brand new. There's a very, very small scuff on the back of the right cup baffle from being sat down.


What I'm Looking For


Supra and Circumaural: AD900x, AD1000x, MA900, SA5000, HD600, HD650, HD598, K701/2, D600, QC15, Momentum, and Amperior


IEM: RE 262, RE 272, HF5, ER-4P/S/T, and ER-6


I'll upload photos sometime early tomorrow.


PS: I also have an E11 in this classified:


I'll work with anyone who wants to combo everything together :)

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