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Upgrading from Lepai + Dayton B652 + Polk PSW10 to better speakers/amp?

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Hello Head-Fi,


I just went with this budget setup the beginning of this year. I am super impressed with it and hardly use my headphones anymore. My current setup is:


Desktop > Fiio E17 > FiiO L7 adapter > Lepai LP-2020A+ > Polk PSW10 > Dayton B652


However, I would like to improve the sound quality a bit more. Work has been extra stressful as of late and so music is my therapy. I listen to everything but primarily EDM, classical, vocals and audio books. I live in a townhouse so I do not blast my music either.


Where exactly do I go from here? Upgrade the amp and speakers? I am perfectly happy with the sub; in fact it is too powerful so I have the volume control for the bass which is on the sub it self to just 35%. Putting in the sub made a significant improvement overall as without it the Dayton's sounded kinda mellow/boring.


I am debating over the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR's. They are $90.99 shipped @ Amazon right now. I do not want to spend over $120 for speakers unless it is truly will make a difference. Would not like to spend over $120 for an amp either unless it is well worth it. A standard receiver is far too bulky and pricey for me to justify it. From my research, it looks like I should just upgrade the speakers and get a better power supply for the amp?


Thank You!

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Bump! Would appreciate any feedback!

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Have you considered powered (active) speakers, given that you are looking at an amp and speakers. I am on the same quest as you, btw.
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Another option is you could do some Craigslist surfing and pick up a nice vintage stereo amp for cheap. Having a little more juice going to your speakers will improve the sound a bit. Although tbh I don't know the Dayton's or how power hungry they are, so it may not be as much of a gain as with other speakers.
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I'll bite! In the past two years, I've been through:


2 JVC Integrated's

MCS 3253 Reciever (vintage)

Lepai 2020

NAD 3150


3 pairs of Polk M5 Jr's (various configurations)

New production Polk m10/m30's

MCS 8226

Infinity QE

and another set of Infinities with the polycell tweeter, I don't remember the model off the top of my head.


As well as a number of different sources like pc setups, dap's, turntables, tape decks, you name it. My point is, I've been able to see a bit of gear in the budget range. I suspect I'm right on the cusp of sinking some money into a really pro set of speakers. My current setup is the NAD 3150 amp and the Infinity QE speakers.


My experience is that speakers make the biggest difference in a setup. The focal point of your rig should be what's physically moving air. I LOVE my Infinity QE's and if you watch out you can usually get a pair between $100-150. Having had a number of Polks (my buddies all do too some towers, some vintage, etc), I think they sound really congested. The QE's just sound so open to me, I think they're real sleepers. Also I've heard great things about the Andrew Jones Pioneers but my impression is that they do great for what they are. Meaning that a 6" woofer will still sound like a 6"woofer. The other thing about speakers is that I prefer complexity over deep shaking bass. I don't particularly like having a sub in my system because my speakers do a good job of representing what's going on in a source that I find myself pretty captivating and not needing the floor to move under me.


The other part of things is that you need a solid amp to drive your solid speakers. I'm currently in a dorm so I don't crank it much (primarily because I sit so close to everything in a small room and I don't like high spl's). But my NAD is very musical and the bass is noticeably deeper and thicker than the other amps I've used. Also 50 watts has always been enough for me, and I don't need much in the way of bells and whistles. Good, simple preamps and enough power. So I would recommend anything made by NAD. They're all over the auction site. 


So that's my opinion. Hope it helps a bit :cool: 

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