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Front Panel Express Alternative

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For Friends who are looking for a really cheap front panel service proto panel is the one. they are running a 50% discount Ad.

An average front panel costs around 10-15 bucks. Here is the link: Proto Panel.


Good luck

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So I would normally ignore posts like this since the thread starter only has one post, but it happens that I have been looking for a front panel for an upcoming project.


I was going to try to reuse something I have, but it probably won't look that nice.


At the normal price, seems to be around the same as Front Panel Express, so no compelling reason to try


At 50% off, my panel becomes around $22 instead of $44, so I am considering it.


Anybody have any experience with these guys?


For my particular project, I need a rectangular cutout for a LCD, and 5 holes for push buttons, and 4 holes for mounting the panel.

If I bought another front panel, it would have the 4 mounting holes, but it would probably cost at least $15, and I would have to make the LCD cutout and the 5 other holes.


Are there any other alternatives?

Other thoughts?




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I ended up ordering this during their 50% off sale.  It was $29 shipped, 6"x16" and pretty thick.  They are having a 40% sale right now, at that price it is still a good deal



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I just received today front and back panels from protoplates.com for an extruded aluminum enclosure.

It is VERY disappointing quality: the cutouts dimensions are about ok, but the overlays are scratched, wrong color, missed clear openings, bubbles in the adhesive. Overall, it looks awful and amateurish, exactly the opposite impression one is trying to achieve when designing a new product.

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