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first timer in need of guidance

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So I developed a passion for listening to high quality music. My current headphone is the Sennheiser HD555. I play all of my music out of my computer so at the moment I use a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adaptor I believe to plug it into my PC (am i losing quality?). Any music I download is strictly WAV format (lossless). My personal favorite is low bass (anything from 5hz - 70hz). In that respect I started looking into the Audeze LCD-2 for my next set of phones.


My main questions are, will the audeze lcd-2 plug into the back of my computer? In the pictures I see each headphone will have a wire coming from it? Is it a waste to buy them and plug them into a PC? I am lost; I appreciate anyone who takes the time to show me the way. 

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The LCD-2 has a 1/4 inch jack plug installed by default.  To plug this into your PC you will need to use a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter.  The LCD-2 will probably not sound its best via PC unless you have a decent soundcard and even then an external DAC and amp are recommended.  This is in part due to the low sensitivity of the headphone and the amount of power needed to drive the headphone.  The LCD-2 is pretty neutral when bass is concerned and from reading your post your probably want a headphone with a little bass emphasis.


I recommend the AKG K550 and the O2+ODAC Combo amp/DAC.


Total Cost:

Headphones:  $250



Amp/DAC:  $285



The combo is going to be pretty sweat and the performance excellent.  The cost will be lower than just the LCD-2 which I find a little clunky and hard to manage for long listening sessions.

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Thanks blur. And how would that plug into the computer? I have a strong soundcard and everything I do involving music is from the computer so it is essential that it will plug into the PC. I produce beats using Maschine and listen to music while gaming on the PC as well.


For example, a great explanation would be like.. the headphones plug into the amp/dac which plugs into the computer. I am sure that's wrong I just have no idea how it all hooks up. I've never used an amp for headphones, only have one in my car for my sub :(

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You can use USB or a USB to coax/toslink/I2S converter to feed your dac and then run RCA/XLR cables from the dac to the amp.


What's your total budget for a complete setup?

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I would prefer to spend around 400-500, but seeing that Audeze LCD2 graph really excites me. I've never seen a headphone that could produce such low frequencies with such power. I have songs like "Bass, I Love You", where the bass goes down to 7 Hz, I want something that can handle that and I can hear it for real. That is the only way I would drop 1000$ I would want to know it is the best, or just about the best. 

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I hear a lot of talk about bass quantity and I want to make it clear that I am all about bass quality. I don't care about the loud buzzing tones, I want headphones that are going to be able to clearly depict songs like this...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buVHo5ubVcg


and honestly, my HD555's do a decent job with my soundcard eq'd to raise 30hz +12 db, but I imagine much better is possible. That's why I am here :)

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If you get the LCD-2, you're probably looking at another $250-$500 for a dac and amp. The HE-500 is a cheaper alternative with comparable SQ (bit more treble and bit less bass). 

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I got by using an O2 with my LCD2 I think the o2 is the bare minimum amp for the O2. The LCD-2 also sounded pretty good on my headstage arrow 3G
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If you want to get into planars, the HE-400 is a good starting point i think. 

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Or you could get a pair of T50RP planars and modify them yourself.

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The T50RP sound fine when unmodded tho. It will depend on the quality of the source and amplification. 

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Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post

Or you could get a pair of T50RP planars and modify them yourself.

seen a bunch of guides floating around havent wanted to dive in myself. 

alternatively on the sale/trade forum section some people sell their own modded ones you might wanna take a look into.

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Appreciate all the responses everybody.


Lets say I had an an unlimited budget, but I want the prices to remain reasonable.


What would I need in order to play .wav/.flac/.alac files from my itunes on a lcd-2. Link or list everything please from amp/dac to adaptor in order to hook it up to the PC.


I look at everything that I buy as a lifelong investment; I take great care of everything I buy so I try to buy the best and only buy it once.



edit: or should i just be getting an amp/dac for my sennheiser hd555's?

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How good is your sound card? I suggest you use it as a DAC and get an external amplifier. Then you have all the features of the sound card, but still proper amplification, and save some on the DAC.


You could get an O2 or a Schiit Magni as amp, if you want to save some cash.


Then get a HE-400, and maybe look into modding the pads. Especially if you want bass, there is a mod where you tape the pads onto the headphone the same way the LCD pads stick directly to the 'phone with some kind of double sided tape. It is supposed to boost the really low frequencies, so they extend further.  I am positive you will get just as impressive bass as the LCD-2, but I am not sure, though.


Actually, the general consensus is that the HE-400 does bass better than the HE-500, and measurements back this up. They do have a slight mid bass bump, though.


Also, the HE-400 aren't as hard to amplify properly as the Audez'e and HE-500.


Remember, going full out into head-fi might not be a good idea. You could end up disappointed after spending 1500$. Is often seen.

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