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Schiit Magni not turning on - Did I break it?

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So I got a Magni last week and was a bit derpy when I bought it not realising it would come with an American plug (I'm in Ireland so same 3 prong plug as UK) and I ordered a step down voltage converter online for it. While I was waiting for it to arrive I decided to try an adapter that doesn't convert voltage (stupidly) and when I plugged it it it cut the power in my house, a quick flick of a switch in the fuse box though and all was good. 

However when the voltage converter arrived today and I hooked everything up the Magni won't turn on, the light doesn't light up. Which makes me think I may have blown something or broke it when I plugged it into the non converting adapter :( Bit of a noob move I know but can anyone help or got any advice? 


The voltage converter I got is this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003OSRITG/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It says it supports up to 45W and the Magni only uses 8W (I think) so I thought it would have been fine

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Your converter only actually is able to produce 30VA continually not a lot but if you say the amp only requires 8W to RUN then it should be okay.    I take it the 8W is not the OUTPUT of the amp-some people get confused.

                  Have you checked the output of the plug converter with a MM?

                     If okay then unless the amp has an INPUT fuse on the outside 0f the case then the cover will have to come off to locate the fault.

                         Do you have a circuit diagram for it or a web-site where I could look at it.

                             Is there any internal fuse in the mains supply to the PS.

                                It would be very stupid not to put some sort of safety device in the PS because if 240V is applied DIRECTLY to a 110V transformer WITHOUT a fuse or something else [ relay etc]  well the primary windings of the transformer wont like it and maybe go S/C[shorted turns] which might measure okay  on a MM but wont work.Or maybe just blow the windings. then it would be open circuit.

                                  So start from the plug in a logical manner to test  it.

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Had a look on their web-site. The amp is powered from a wall wart so as they dont do 240V units it  means that the actual voltage into the amp is lower than 110V. Did you plug one of their wall warts into the converter or did you supply it direct?  This means there might NOT be a transformer inside the unit  and it feeds the amp DIRECTLY if so it just gets worse!

                    IN any case it still looks as though  you have blown it.

                      But try the above first.

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