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Replacing AD-700. Should I get AD-700 or Westone UM2 IEM?

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I liked my AD700's but lacked a little bass, but loved the clarity.  The lack of bass was easily overlooked for me.  Now im needing to replace them because I cant repair them after a dog bit the cord and am wondering what would be the better choice between these 2 headphones.



They will be used both for gaming and music.  I dont play competitive FPS games so I dont need pin point accuracy of footsteps or anything like that.  I just want games to sound good and fun.  Also for music my choices are all over the place, I listen to mainly rock and inde music, game soundtracks, electronic, rap, its really all over the place...


I dont need noise canceling or anything really like that, I game in an open space and my kids are around a lot so open ear headphones kinda suck for that, but at the same time its pretty nice to be able to hear whats going on so, catch 22 there.  I have no preference one way or the other and would be fine with either.  Any suggestions would be great!   Thanks :)

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Bump :)

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Seems like lately its pretty difficult to get a response :(

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Your post doesn't make sense... replacing AD700 for AD700..


I just picked up a pair of AD900X's from Japan for $180 shipped and they sound great.  The mids and highs and soundstage are great.  There's definitely bass, although I wish it had a tiny bit more when listening to bass heavy music (dubstep, electronic, etc), but they still sound amazing, especially for the price.

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Well sure it makes sense, (At least to me in my head lol.)  As I pointed out, I liked the AD700s until my dog ruined them, so I am contemplating replacing them with another AD700, or, thinking of switching it up to the Westone UM2's and just trying to get peoples opinions on what may be better between those 2 sets, and if IEMs would be better for my uses.

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haha, ok, now it makes sense.  What do you need the headphones for?  You're contemplating a $100 full size open headphone and a $200 IEM.  If you just want something for home use, I'd upgrade your AD700s if you're willing to spend $200, as you'll get better sound from a full size can over an IEM.


If you need something portable, I'm not much help, but I do I hate IEMs that are designed to wrap around your ear.  I had a pair of Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10s and they were awfully uncomfortable for me, but others didn't seem to mind.  So I wouldn't even, personally, consider the UM2s, but that's just me.

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