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Inspired by this comfort-mod for the L-cush "bowl" pads:


Flat pads are my favorite pads for any Grados, and this even more so for the Joseph Grado upgraded ones, but anyway, their comfort is also the worst in my ears' opinion.


But, they become a lot more comfortable –the headphones virtually disappear (as long as they're not putting to much pressure); your ears will never touch the irritating cheese-clothe / perforated-'cap' again (in that regard, Shack Hack mod here garners the same result as it did the bowls, for the flats)– if you do this:


(I use official Sennheiser PX100 replacement foam pads, but any third party KSC75 replacement would cost less and give the same result pretty much, with slightly less long-term durability maybe)




If you do it like me, with two identical caps or whatever round object, make sure to align them your best for a circle-like cut.










You could use only one round object on top of your initial pad, push hard and cut using an X-acto blade against a hard surface.
The round objects (red caps) I used were about the same diameter as the aperture of the flat pad. My cut cookie resulted slightly larger than the hole in which I fitted it, this makes it stay in place even against gravity:

 (my Grado pad decompressing/breathing headphone resting position)


The shack hack mod stays in place nicely.



It sounds macroscopically the same; there might be some of that "earbud covering foam pad" muddying effect, but only very little of it. It might also affect/block some of the fragile very top end of the frequency spectrum, but the trading it for comfort is plenty worth it for me (you will have to choose for you, as always it depends on your ear size/morphology ;).


The Sennheiser PX100 pad is thinner and less dense than the flat, so the flat pad still auto-centers against my antihelix easily. So fit is just as good as without this "cover". If you could headbang before, you can also headbang after, the headphones will not fall on the ceramic floor.



Basically that's it: just a comfort bonus for those who's anti-helix (in my case its the lower part of it) becomes irritated by the contact with the driver 'wall' after a few hours of head-time when the flat pad has lost its full volume.

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