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looking for iem under $500

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I usually listen to ost,jazz and classic, I will also listen to the pop like u2 as well, I would like the good treble and mid on the iem.

I tried the sm64,w4r,um3x and thunk the most I like is the sm64

Do you have any above or other recommendations on the iems (source will be unamped j3)
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Stan, I would highly recommend etymotic ER4P from what you posted, they are excellent for jazz and classic listening. I personally like them for any type of listening with the balanced neutral presentation they give off. In today's present times they are overlooked most of the times because they have been out for awhile now. Numerous years, but they are jewels, no question. Plenty of threads on these forums about them. Good luck.
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Then just go for it.

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Have you heard about Aurisonics ASG-2?

I nor anybody else has had them yet but I heard lots of great things about the AS-2 customs

I will get them eventually will compare them to SM64

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I heard it a bit, but I do not like the custom made iem much, do you have any recommendations of universal iem?
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The Sony EX1000 offers very detailed midrange,extended highs,wide soundstage and deep punchy bass and it will match well with genres music. Grado GR10, Heir Audio 4Ai, Shure SE535 red(Asia limited Edition) and PFE232 are also great buy under this budget with higherend soundquality you can find on universal IEMs and they take care well of mids, highs area.

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