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Looking for headphones! Help?

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Looking for some nice over ear headphones my max is $150 maybe a little over if they are nice enough. I listen to everything like Johnny cash, dubstep, rock, indie, oldies, and rap. I also would like them to look cool.
How are the v-Moda crossfade LPs?
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Take a look at lJokerl's massive multi portable headphones review thread. Maybe the ATH-M50?
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They're bass heavy. Is that what you want?

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Tell the truth i dont know much about headphones but alot of bass doesnt matter but i dont want it to be overwhelming.
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Most new users like to have some extra bass, but neutrality is highly valued among audiophiles who have been in the hobby for a while. Unfortunately, looks are not a high priority for many, and most here will gladly use an ugly pair of headphones if the sound is good. There's a better selection of nice looking headphones at a slightly higher price range, but you may find a deal that puts them within your budget. The AKG K550's are very nice looking and get mentioned a lot in the best-looking headphones threads. Every once in a while you can find refurbs for around $150. But be warned that they're pretty light on the bass and tend more towards neutrality. The Sony MDR-1R also looks pretty nice, and some people have reported snagging them within your price range from eBay lately.

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I actually have these. So im pretty sure anything is gonna be ALOT nicer but i also want something that works good with all music but have good bass for the rap and dubstep.
And i can spend up to $200 But if its under that would be nice
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Since most consumer headphones have more bass than is neutral, you'll most likely think the K550's have too little bass, then. But you may come to like them in the future as you get more experienced in audio. I really like mine, but they wouldn't be the first headphones I'd reach for for rap and dubstep. There's also the Bowers and Wilkins P3 and P5. These are more fashion headphones than anything, but they aren't terrible soundwise for a headphone geared more towards looks.

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Do you think the MTH-M50s are a good all arounder? They are nice looking and very well priced but hows the sound?
And have you used the V-Moda crossfades? I dont know why but i really like the looks lol
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Double post frown.gif
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The M50's are known for having a u-shaped response if that's what you're looking for. The newer version of it supposedly has less bass, though. I haven't tried any of the V-modas, but they certainly have their fans. For under $200 (you can score them for $150 if you look) and with boosted bass I like the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohms, but they're not going to win any beauty contests. The bass boost isn't as severe as many other consumer headphones, and the sound is fairly natural.


But since you haven't heard that many nicer headphones, I'd recommend you play around with a few options to see what you like. Maybe you'll want the extra bass, maybe you'll like something more neutral. I've found that the best approach is to buy headphones that interest me and sell off the ones I end up not liking.

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Thank you so much for all the help smily_headphones1.gif ill probably think for a few days out of the M50s the V-Moda crossfade LPs and the Dt 770s
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No problem. Hope you find what you're looking for!

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One more question how are these? A DJ told me about them http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/DJ/Headphones/HDJ-1500
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