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Poll Results: Which color

  • 31% (24)
  • 47% (36)
  • 21% (16)
76 Total Votes  
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The entirely black looks kind of off. The white one is weird (doesn't look right) it does make me think on the UN tanks

Maybe I have to see them in person and not in pictures. So, my vote is for the shadow version.

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how does the black shiny plastic look compare to the matte black plastic

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Matte has more mids lol, I prefer the matte, its what I had when I had my V-modas... its sexier, and less in the way of fingerprints/funk

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I like the matte black, more professional looking and the fingerprints don't stick like on the glossy ones.

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I might go with a pair of matte black m100 with crimson red shields and a red speakeasy cable, but I don't know how it would look?
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I heard that the shadow color headband stains after a while. Has anyone experienced this? 

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