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For Sale:
Audio-Tuning Digital Upgrade kit Parasound D/AC 1000, 1500, 1100, 1600 - 24/96 playback

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have a Audio Note kit Parasound upgrade to allow higer-res playback on the Parasound DAC 1000/1500/1100/1600's.  I used these very briefly and sold my 1500 so they are available for anyone looking to try them out.  I didn't notice much change in sound but they definitely allowed higher-res playback which was a big plus.


The kit is these two boards:

1. Digital Receiver adapter based on CS8414.
2. Interpolation Filter adapter based on DF-1704.


You have to simply remove the old boards to use these; I'd highly recommend a chip-puller and a steady hand to do this job but it's really easy.


More Info:


I am looking to get $100 shipped CONUS (international shouldn't be much more for such a small parcel).  I will eat the paypal fee.

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