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Heard: Top Quality Tube headphone amp & the Hi-FiMan HE-6

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Hi Guys


I heard this amp a few weeks back. It is truly special, a real smooth sound with awesome bass and that tube mid range I love so much. It ain't cheap, granted, and it is a kit (though complete kit). I takes about 8 hours to build.


The parts inside this baby and the sound on offer, I would rate it as one of the best tube amps for this kind of headphone. The output transformers play a big part in the wide and dynamic sound of course. I think it is fairly unique as far as the output transformers are concerned?


Anyway, I DO recommend looking at this amp, it is truly special if you are after smooth fatigue free listening, top end extension with no edge and great bass. It is compatible with a whole raft of other headphone types (not electrostatic), so is very versatile.


Ping me if you want to ask anything about the sound. The company that make these amps (audionotekits) is an off-shoot of Audio Note UK, and is quite famous for pure tube based amps.


I have a Stax SR-007 set up which I love, but the HE-6 and this amp was very close as regards outright SQ, but in a different kind of presentation. I kinda prefer the HE-6 and this amp for electronic and rock as it gets the blood pumping, and the Stax for orchestral and vocals. It would be real nice to won both, I wonder if I can find an excuse to sneak it in?


Here are some pics of their website:





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Did you build the kit or is there a dealer with a completed kit for audition? Although tbh it looks like the L4 EL34 kit with lower output


It's on my radar for a while - might have to schedule a flight to Spain for audition eek.gif

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The output transformers are impedance matched @ 50 ohms.
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If this amp can be balanced with a nice Sig. DAC, it would be tough to beat. Note needs to upgrade their DACs and USB implementation for higher resolution and I2S integration. IMO
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Do you have a choice of balanced inputs and a balanced output?

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Not a tube guy anymore, but man, love those beautiful looking transformers.

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9 watts into 50 ohms, that's plenty. Where they NOS EL84s? The output tubes used can affect the SQ.

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wow i like how the amp matches the HE-6's paint job

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