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On a quest for best sub $ 300 portable headphones. Kinda narrowed it down to these two. Yes - I know the M-100 is a base rich higher end non-audiophile ( sort of ) product, and the ES9WA is more of an audiophile type of product, but not so base rich. These are kind of givens, I know. But where am I going to give up the least - in sacrifice with the the true clarity of the M-100, or the sort of lacking base of the ATH ?


Right now, they are both in the same price range on amazon. Both look handsome in their own different ways. What kind of music do I listen to - well, really anything except rap. But base is important, because one of my favorite music formats is church organ music, and those pipes have just about a deeper lower base than any " electronic " music.....So - anyone with personal knowledge of the two headphones - side by side - would be appreciated.


Thanks !!!