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Best Headphones under $150?

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Hello all. I am looking for headphones Under $150. I listen to a lot of Electronic music. I am currently using an Cowon iaudio 10 for a portable set up. 


Portablity - these will mainly be used for going back and forth from school, going places, etc; 


And sound good for electronic music.

I am currently have the KRK KNS 6400, and while they a good headphones, they come nowhere near to the Bass response I want. Even when EQ'd. 

I have been told a lot of Heaphones, ATH M50's, A700X, WS70, HFI 780, M-Audio 40Q, XB 700 and some other Headphones.



- Mathewsa

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If you want bass you should consider the Ultrasone DJ1 ( HFI 580), ATH-PRO700MK2 or the Sony XB700 ( from what I hear, never actually heard them).


I own a pair of pro700mk2s and I think they're great headphones, and they have a ton of bass.


The flipside is that they sound kinda dark and aren't very comfortable with the stock pads. 

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