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so Headfi, I am going off somewhere I can get some audio gear without rather limited selection or bloated price. I am going to get a DAP to widen my gear choice , I am going directly for one of those high end gear, now to my understanding , the one that fulfills my criteria

1. Good SQ at least on the same level as a cowon J3 , if anything I expect an Improvement , but keeping on that kind of sound sig I don't want neutral

2.Good UI, the Ui must be able to browse by tag, I am too used to using that kind of method and as such won't accept file browsing only on a player that will cost me up to 800usd

3. Good file format choice, FLAC, Mp3, if possible ALAC


this will narrow my choice into two products


and the



assume that I have no problem with AK100 impedance problem

my song pref is JPop, Jrock and anime OST

I am going to use

Shure Se215 and JvcFXd80

and my beyer dt1350 with it (at least until i got a nice IEM)

I have listened to ipods, J3, and galaxy note 2

I won't be getting an android DAC amp since I need my note 2 battery to last


any inputs? reccomendations?