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For Sale: *PRICE DROP* Fischer Audio FA-011

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For Sale:
*PRICE DROP* Fischer Audio FA-011

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a pair of used but very good condition Fischer Audio FA-011.  It is the black/wood cups version with coiled cord and comes with extension cord and original box).  I have removed the original spongy filter over the drivers and replaced them with a layer of thin felt (doesn't change the sound signature, and MUCH less itchy than the original filter).  


Looking to sell for 105.00 shipped to CONUS.


I also have a pair of brand new unused Hifiman leather earpads that can be used with these FA-011s that I will throw in for an additional 20 dollars.  (sells for 26.00 shipped online).

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Im interested.  I have a set of grado SR80's that ive loved and was looking to upgrade to the 325i's... but the more i read about the 325 it seems i wouldnt get my moneys worth.  How old are the FA-011 ? are you original owner, do you have any comparison between these and grados ? 

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Hi. I'm not too sure on how old these cans are as I bought them used from another member on headfi. I they are in very good condition though and are beautiful. I would think that they are from the first batches since the black colored cups were only from the first batches. I can't compare them with the grado 80s but I did own a pair of grado 60is and in comparison the fa011s are a bit more laid back with stronger deeper bass and wider sound stage. The highs are not as bright as in the grados but these cans are definitely brighter and faster compared to the sennheiswr 558s which I also owned.
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Ill take them, can you PM me the payment address ?  

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