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Subwoofer to pair with Mackie mr5's?

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I've looked on the internet and through head-fi but cant seem to get a solid answer.


I'm looking for a sub to pair with my mackie mr5s but not sure if i need a powered subwoofer or not. My price range is up to 300$


The subwoofers that people seem to recommend are:


BIC america f12

polk audio psw505

HSU stf-2


I also have the emu 0404 soundcard and was wondering how to connect a sub to it and the mackies in the future if and when i get a sub.



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Yes, you'll need a powered sub. And your sound card has L/R 1/4" jack outputs, correct? You'll probably need to use a pair of Y-splitters to send signal to your sub and monitors. I had this exact situation with a pair of monitors and the emu 0404 card. I bought a powered sub, used y-splitters and used the sub's crossover to set the frequency.

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Any good recommendations for a powered sub under 300 other than the ones i mentioned?

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Not really, I went and bought a £40 secondhand Mission sub. lol

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If you want the most power in a sub that has fairly linear response down into the mid 20 hz range, the Klipsch RW-12d is often on sale at Newegg for $299 (seems like about every other week). It's a better sub than both the BIC F12 and PSW505 in SQ, power, and low frequency extensions. Not that the BIC and Polk are bad; they are equally good values at the $200 price point.

The JBL SUB150P has also been fluctuating off and on at Newegg for a low price of around $170. It's a 10", so less power than the 12" subs you are looking. But I've read it has very good SQ for its price.

HSU is known for being one of the top subwoofer vendors out there. The STF-2 will not have the max SPL and won't dig quite as deep as the RW-12d below 30hz, but it's a great overall sub. If you are planning on using your sub nearfield for music, it could be a very good choice. For HT usage, the RW-12d would probably win because of the lower extension.

How big is your room? And is this for nearfield usage only? And are you a bass head? Is this mostly music listening? Or some HT? What kind of music? These are factors to consider in sub purchase.
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the room is 12x14 i think.

This will prob be used for mostly near field usage although i would not mind the sub being able to fill larger rooms.

I love Bass, but i also enjoy classical as well.

50% games, 50% music. Hip-hop, new age classical, classical, jazz.



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Either a 10" or 12" sub should do fine in that room, and even be able to fill it with bass pretty well. As long as your expectations are not based on car audio where the sub can make the car shake apart smily_headphones1.gif In that case, go with the 12".
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Thank you very much cel. I appreciate it.

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