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SoundMAGIC ES18 vs E10

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Hi. I've considered on buying an ES18 and an E10, and I kinda want crisp audio sound and punchy bass. How similar are they? Are the extra bucks worth for the E10, does the E10 have better bass? I've used Sennheiser HD428s, Phillips O'Neill The Tread, and Apple's default earbuds. How does the ES18 and E10 compare to them?


Oh, and about build quality, how "fragile" are they, because I've read many posts saying that the cable is very thin. How thin are they compared to iPhone's default earbuds?

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I believe es18 and e10 is using the same driver, the sound isn't too different e10 is slightly better and clearer but not by a mile. Its's about 80-90% of an e10. For the build quality e10's new version have better body (metal) and cables (twisted), es18's new version however have an improved cable its better than e10's old version cables. es18's new cable feels sturdy and comparable to hisound popo's cable but not that thick.

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