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Phiaton MS 400 vs M-Audio Q40 (vs ATH-PRO700MK2)?

Poll Results: Phiaton MS 400 vs M-Audio Q40 (vs ATH-PRO700MK2)?

  • 33% (2)
    Phiaton MS 400
  • 50% (3)
    M-Audio Q40 w/stock pads
  • 16% (1)
    Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 w/ ATH-M50 pads
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In my search for my first real headphones, I spent a long, long time browsing through Head-Fi reviews and settled on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50.  I wanted good headphones for sound editing.  Now that I'm beginning a new search for headphones, I remember the great reviews and I find myself back here.  This time I thought I'd finally register and drop a "vs" post for a few models I'm now considering.


I'm looking for some good bass-oriented headphones that don't kill mids and highs.  I listen to a lot of dubstep/house and the M50's, while great with controlled, punchy bass, don't give me the deep, rolling rumble that I'm looking for even though they're great for editing.  To a lesser extent I'm also looking for good gaming headphones.


I've narrowed my choices down to a solid two models, with a soft third: the Phiaton MS 400, the M-Audio Q40, and a tentative Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2.


I've had a great experience with the M50's, so I immediately took notice of the PRO700's, but they are slightly more expensive than I'd like - even more so when the replacement M50 pads that many replace the stock pads with are factored in.  Depending on feedback though, I might just bump my budget a little higher up and buy them.


Now for some specifics that might affect any of the suggestions I get:


MS 400: I have read that the ear cups on the MS 400's are over-ear for some and on-ear for others due to an "in-the-middle" size.  I have smaller ears and can say with confidence that the MS 400's would be over-ears for me.  My main concern for these aside from bass is the quality of highs and if the mids are overrepresented.


Q40: Q40 users pair their cans with DT770 ear pads everywhere I look.  I don't plan to buy replacement pads for the Q40's, so I'm wondering what their sound quality is like with the stock pads (and then vs the MS 400/PRO700MK2).  Also how heavy are they compared to the M50's?


PRO700MK2: If these turn out to be the right choice based on feedback, I wouldn't mind buying some M50 pads for them.  Aside from bass, for these I'm concerned most with weight.  I find that personally the M50's are a bit too heavy for me to use for an extended period of time (3 hours or more) and (whether right or wrong) I naturally wonder about the weight of these as they look to have the exact same form factor and are made by the same company.


Portability is a good thing to factor in, but I'm not overly worried about it.  I don't mind the y-cable on the MS 400 or the screw-in cable of the Q40/PRO700MK2 .  The main factors for me would be overall sound quality with bass emphasis and comfort/weight.

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why would you not want Beyer pads for the q40? the q40 with pads is still cheaper than the pro700mk2
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Originally Posted by lukEM22 View Post

why would you not want Beyer pads for the q40? the q40 with pads is still cheaper than the pro700mk2

I want to keep costs down.  I would only get the PRO700MK2 if the feedback I get suggests that they're better sounding enough over the other two to be worth the extra cost.  If they aren't worth the extra cost then I'd like to keep costs down with the Q40/MS 400, otherwise why even worry about the cost of the PRO700MK2?  Maybe it's just being picky, but if I'm going to go with a cheaper option, then I'm not going to be spending extra and defeat the purpose.  That's just my own anal-ness though hehe

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I don't think it really defeats the purpose though. Malveaux says it increases sound stage as well. What's the point in owning a pair of headphones if they aren't comfy enough to wear and listen to? If comfort is important to you then the ms400 are the best option out of the 3 if your not willing to buy new pads for the q40.
Going off of the Amazon ms400 price, the cost of a q40 and Beyer pads is almost equal to the ms400. (the q40 is only $100 from m-audio.com)
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i wish this thread was concluded

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