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For Sale or Trade: Grado SR-325is

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For Sale or Trade:
Grado SR-325is

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I may end up regretting this but I don't think these are really 'me' (my other main go-to set is AKG Q701 and I think they're sublime).


Anyway, I've had them for a few months and if I had to testify in court I'd estimate that they've got less than 20 hours total on them (and I'm trying to estimate high).  They're in great shape.


They fit my head well enough, I don't have any comfort issues, and I wouldn't describe them as fatiguing and I even listen to primarily rock/metal so in theory I should love their sound signature, I don't get it, which is why I'll probably end up regretting selling them, but why worry, I can always pick up something else later on.


I digress.


They're not getting used often enough and that's a shame for a nice set of cans, this is where you come in.  They want to go home with you.  YOU.  Right there.  Reading this.  Yes, you.


$265 gets these and the bill of sale (I think there's probably 4-6 months left on the year(?) warranty sent to you anywhere you live in the continental United States.  I'm also in the market for an O2 amplifier (I do not need the DAC at this time) or a nice turntable cartridge/needle as well as some cash.


Feel free to throw out an offer, I DO reserve the right to mock lowballs and scoff in their general direction. If you want more pictures from a specific angle/closeup just let me know.

I've never opened or monkeyed around with these nor have they been driven particularly hard, they were used with my iPhone 4S, an iPad 4, a Macbook Pro and 4-5 albums worth of time on an old Pioneer receiver with a turntable running through it.


Here's the only weird thing about this:  The buyer WILL receive the original pizza box and the paperwork AT A LATER DATE.  That's simply because I can't drive long distances due to a recent operation on my foot and those items are a couple of hours away at my store.  To that end, I'll ship these securely and well packed and I'll ship the box to you later once I've recovered a bit more.  If you don't care about the box, then rock on and I'll recycle it.


Offers in the form of Haiku are more likely to be accepted.  Just saying.

Edit:  I just reviewed this listing and the pictures look a bit gold in hue.  I have no idea why, these are the silver/satin finished 325is, not the gold and not the shiny chrome models.


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U can get a brand new pair on Amazon with 30 bucks more, why bother then?
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Originally Posted by wuwie88 View Post

U can get a brand new pair on Amazon with 30 bucks more, why bother then?

I thought a $30 discount was fair but again, I don't do a lot of buying and selling which is why I also said 'make an offer'.  To be honest, I'd rather start too high than too low, right?  Seriously, I thought $30 was decent enough as a selling noob.


Would $250 be more fair?

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