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Help JBL J33I OR AKG K375

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hi i am having hard time to find reviews on both headphones


the akg k375 or the jbl j33i they both are 100$-120$

can any one recommend on them or other headphones around this price


i had akg k330 in the past and their highs waspainful some time

and i had jbl tempo which after certain volume level the bass was too heavy and you could not ear anything but it

but still in both of them i heard great! so can you please help me decide?

(sorry for my bad english)

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still no response and i still need help i will be happy if any one can recommend those headphones or other 100-120$ headphones

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I am using JBL J33 and I am quite happy with them. The bass is amazing, couple it with the provided Comply foam tips, you have an awesome package. Amazing quality.

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