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I'm searching for a long time for headphones which can match my requirement, would be glad to hear
some advice.
My requirements:

1. Overhear/Onear Shape - since I spend much time in noisy trains, I prefer onear or overear phones that can isolate
my music from the external noise.
2. Slim Design - since I spend time talking at the office, I prefer not to look like a rapper with huge ear cans... prefer not grab too much attention, something like the beats sols with the relatively thin headband fits my design expactations.
3. Android compatibility. I was in love with the SOL republic tracks HD's design and sound but their mic is not compatible with android devices.

4. Comfort.

5. Microphone. This is mandatory and preferably a quality microphone.

6. Budget - 80$-200$


Is there something for me?


Thanks a lot.